About Coaching

Coaching consists in a conversation based process that brings out clients resources and allows using it to serve its challenges. It is an action oriented process in which the coach assists the client to achieve its goals.

  “Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” ICF


Marina Puigvert Colomer

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and member of the same organization. Trained in Ontological Executive Coaching and Coaches Supervision by Escuela Europea de Coaching (EEC), and certified in Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) by the Spanish Association of NLP. Specialized by Elaine Aron in Therapy for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP); and member of the HSP Spanish Association (APASE).

Bachelor in Pharmacy, Psychology student and Master in Pharmaceutical and Parapharmaceutical Industry, Marina worked for more than 10 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry leading R&D teams at national and international level. Her professional career in this area gives her firsthand knowledge on organizational culture, leadership and change and stress management. At the same time, these experiences allowed her to reconnect with her real vocation: helping people and teams; working together in their way to be better professionals, to reach their goals, to develop themselves, to expand their horizons, and, in essence, to grow.  Currently she is fully committed to Personal and Executive Coaching, putting her experience, knowledge and skills at the service of the clients.


For Companies
  • Executive coaching for managers (tripartite meetings on demand).
  • Executive coaching for middle managers (tripartite meetings on demand).
  • Feedback 360.
  • Trainings in effective communication, storytelling, annual objectives evaluation, feedback, leadership and change management.


Particularly suitable for:

  • Quickly and effectively consolidate new promotions or assignment changes.
  • Internal talent retention.
  • Enhance leadership and team management.
  • Optimize change management and decision-making.

For Individuals
  • Coaching and NLP in private sessions either physically or online.
  • CV Coaching: Curriculum and Job interview preparation in one single session. Learn more
  • Coaching for HSP. Learn more
  • Coaching & Walking: individual Coaching sessions wandering in unique natural environments. Learn more
  • Workshops: Group trainings on Personal development and self-knowledge through Coaching and NLP tools. Next workshop

All services offered in 3 languages:

Catalan, English and Spanish

Coaching Results

Executive coaching accelerates the attainment of client relevant goals by providing greater focus and awareness of their choice.

Improved Work Perfomance
Improved Business Management
Improved Time Management
Improved Team Effectiveness
Improved Self-Confidence
Improved Relationships
Improved Communication Skills
Improved Life/Work Balance

Individual Solutions

24hours not enough?

The time to do what you like, to be happy, doesn’t show up? Find out how to contribute more effectively in the team, organization or family and start enjoying now!

Professionally stuck?

Your dreamt job or promotion, doesn’t arrive? Discover the best version of yourself and redefine your career goals.

Troubles at making decisions? Don’t you reach your goals?

Do you want to have results now? You will manage to set goals you are able to reach without surrendering in the process

Feeling stressed about public speaking?

Develop your skills and strengths, and gain authenticity and security in yourself.


Looking for a change and not knowing where to start?

Rediscover your resources and face new challenges

Difficulties at saying no?

When protecting your interests, are you feeling selfish? You will learn to communicate effectively and to interact with others positively.

Clients say

“Thank you Marina.

You’ve helped me to realize all possibilities available for me. I also felt supported in such an important moment for me.

You’ve helped me in achieving two great goals that mark a before and after in all areas of my life.

Thank you always!”

Natalia Tabella Artist

“Working with Marina was a great decision.

For me, it was important to work with a reputable, accredited coach – as not all coaches go through the same training process. I was also specifically looking for a coach with real-world experience in the corporate environment.

Marina will keep you honest and accountable. She challenges you when you need to be challenged, and supports you when you need to be supported. She’s an excellent and highly intuitive coach that has a lot to offer to anyone looking to make a change or professional transition.

100% recommended.”


Sian Bennett PR & Communication Director

“During your professional career you may feel the urge to step out of your comfort zone and explore other career paths.

You have experience and goals achieved thanks to your skills. But, how do you succeed in showing so in your Résumé and at job interviews?

Marina helps you to organize your ideas, to achieve a deeper knowledge about yourself and above all she makes easy what seems impossible.

Thanks Marina for accompanying me through this stage.”

Ana Ramos Marketing & Branding Manager

“Within the coaching process with Marina I gained more security in dealing with conflict and in knowing how to face it. I saw that the solution goes through two people, without any other winner than team harmony.
The process also served me to be able to speak, to be able to finish the meetings without bad feelings and to heal some open wounds I was not aware how much they were blocking me. It lead me to exit the loop of rancor and to achieve INNER PEACE.
I take a lot with me. At the beginning I thought it was very difficult to improve the situation, it looked to me as impossible finding a needle in a haystack.
The best of the process: how it makes you feel and the results achieved”.

Marcos Resano Business Manager

“Other therapies are like practising pilates or yoga; a session with Marina is like practising aerobics.„

Cinta V. Illustrator and fanzine

“All changes were about to happen, but I was not able to achieve them by my own. Thanks to the process with Marina, who understood me perfectly from the very beginning, it has been possible to bring these changes to my daily life.„

Sergio Alonso Founder of the “Asociación para el Desarrollo de los Bancos de Tiempo”

“Marina was able to give me back the image of my two sides: one inhabited by fears, weaknesses and insecurities, and another one strong, confident of its motivations and goals and aware of its resources and allies. All with great delicacy and proximity. Within the sessions I learnt to overcome my mental blockings and to invest my energy to pursue my dreams. Thank you Marina for accompanying me through this stage of my process of change.„

Myriam Dufourcq International Development Administrator / Specialized in Gender and Development

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