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This workshop is part of a cycle of free-events happening within the International Week of Coaching (17th -23rd  May 2021). It is a week-long global celebration in more than 140 countries that educates the public about the value of working with a professional coach and acknowledges the results and progress made through the coaching process.

This workshop is an introduction to the concept of the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and how it matters to coaching practice.


  • Basics of the trait, the highly sensitive people (DOES).
  • What to consider when coaching a HSP.
  • What to take into account if you are a HSP coach.

DATE:  20th May 2021

SCHEDULE:  12:00-13:00

PLACE: online

Limited seats. Info and reservations at

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Tools for HSP

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  • Books:
    • “The Highly Sensitive Person” Elaine Aron.
    • “La Alta Sensibilidad, vivir desde el corazón”  Karina Zegers.
    • “Personas Altamente Sensibles” Karina Zegers.
    • “The Highly Sensitive Child”   Elaine Aron.
    • “The Highly Sensitive Person in Love”   Elaine Aron.



Coaching for Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

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Highly Sensitive People (HSP) are 15-20% of the population. High Sensitivity is an innate personality trait defined by:

  • Depth of processing
  • Overarousability
  • Emotional intensity
  • Sensory sensitivity
What is Coaching for HSP?

Main goals in Coaching for HSP are:

  • Integrate the trait in your daily life.
  • Find resources to make the most out of your gift.
Who do we help?

HSP wanting to integrate the trait effectively in their lives.


Dr. Elaine Aron’s test is a good start to find out about HSP. Dr. Aron is the one who renamed the trait as HS and built up the test:

If you want to know more about sensitivity, I invite you to have a look at:  Tools for HSP.

How does Coaching for HSP work?

Through an individual coaching process of about 8 sessions we will:

  • Identify your needs as a HSP.
  • Focus on your priority challenge.
  • Rediscover your strengths and current resources as HSP.
  • Work on your areas of improvement.
  • Make the most out of being an Highly Sensitive Person.

Some of the issues we can work through are:

  • Awareness of High Sensitivity trait.
  • Self-esteem and self-care.
  • Connection with your HSP needs and intuition.
  • Managing stress and overarousal.
  • Communication and relationships improvement
  • Building stronger boundaries; learning to say no.
  • Achieving career goals; life-work balance.
The process
  1. Free preliminary contact (phone call, video call or mail), so that you can expose your situation and adjust the approach to your needs.
  2. 90 minutes session (face to face or video call). The number of sessions will be according your needs; most typically about 8 sessions are required.
What is included?
  • Coaching sessions of 60-90minutes with a certified HSP Coach (PCC by ICF) and specialized in therapy for Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron with more than 1.000 hours of experience.
  • It is not included therapy on deep physiological issues such as: depression, suicidal thoughts or deep emotional wounds due to a painful past. In these cases, it is advisable to seek for specialized psychological support.

 You will gain tranquillity and security in your day to day, learning to save energy when you need it, as well as identifying how to recover it.

You will also learn how to take advantage of and trust your sensitivity, allowing a more fluid relationship with your environment, colleagues and relatives.

Let’s start!

If you feel Coaching for HSP could help you, the best is that we discuss your situation by phone (+ 34 639 739143) or if you prefer it by e-mail ( so that we can tailor the approach to your needs.

For further information or doubts clarification contact

CV Coaching

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CV Coaching will help you highlight your qualities, strengths and achievements so that your CV stands out and gets shortlisted, and also to make an instant impact during the job interview.


What is it?

CV Coaching consists in getting you and your CV (Curriculum Vitae) ready for the job selection process and job interviews. Main focus is that you get better results and following that goal techniques such as Coaching, Storytelling or Role play are used (including job interview simulation if required).


Who do we help?

Anyone willing to:

  • Impress the recruiter through the CV and job interview.
  • Make the best out of his background and qualities through the CV and job interview.
  • Get his CV shortlisted for the job interview they want.

Also for the ones that:

  • Face their first job interview and want to be correctly prepared.
  • Have had several interviews without achieving the desired success.


How does it work?
  • We will go through your CV so that it stands out and lands you more interviews.
  • We will work around your strengths, achievements and qualities so that your stand out with your CV and the job interview.
  • We will also work around your weaknesses and how make them work in the job interview.
  • Job interview potential questions preparation.
  • In case of having a specific job offer, we will work out how to make the best out of your curriculum so that it fits in.

All in one session of 90 minutes.


The process
  1. Free preliminary contact (phone call, video call or mail), so that you can expose your situation and adjust the approach to your needs.
  2. 90 minutes session (face to face or video call). The number of sessions will be according your needs, most typically one or two sessions maximum required.


What does a CV Coaching process include?
  • One coaching session of 90minuts with a certified coach (PCC by ICF) with more than 1.000 hours of experience.
  • CV redaction or graphic editing is NOT included. It includes a CV analysis focused in increasing your CV effectiveness.

Note: prior delivery of the CV required, at least 48h before the session.



Increased opportunities to get the job you want through a more effective CV and preparation and higher confidence for job interviews.


Let’s start!

If you feel CV Coaching could help you, the best is that we discuss your situation by phone (+ 34 639 739143) or if you prefer it by mail ( so that we can tailor the approach to your needs.

For further information or doubts clarification contact

Don’t miss our next workshop!

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This workshop is part of a cycle of workshops with the aim to open new points of view to the assistants which will result into resources to face new situations and tools to face current conflicts.



  • How words create a reality that impacts in your daily life.
  • Deeper understanding of your own working process.
  • Get tools to review and to improve your communication.
  • Hands on with Ontological Coaching tools (language distinctions)
  • Hands on using Storytelling as learning tool.


DATE: 1st April 2017

SCHEDULE:  10:00 – 14:00

PLACE: CAL TIP C/Torrijos, 72, 08012 Barcelona


Limited seats. Info and reservations at


We are lookig forward to seeing you!

COACHING & WALKING. Why does it work?

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“Walking is man’s best medicine.” Hippocrates

It may look an easy combination, the reinvention of something simple. I don’t intend to reinvent anything but since we are in the era of the knowledge and awareness, I will add these both to what we do: why do we Walk and how and why combine it with Coaching.


Our grandmas do it since years, they walk and talk and they feel great afterwards, so they repeat. Until now, the fact of feeling great was related to the benefits of socialization and the physiologic effects of physical exercise such as endorphin generation or the activation of the cardiovascular system among others described further than the antisedentary recommendation of “walk 30minuts per day”.

Lately, a part from the physiological benefits from physical activity and walking, also psychological benefits have been proven through several studies1. The benefits itself are nothing new, it’s years pilgrims enjoy them and even longer since walking is recommended as a beginning into meditation practice. It’s just that now when we have scientific data on the effects of meditation to cerebral activity, that we are in the position to certify its benefits.

Also new is the fact that it’s no longer an spiritual practice that requires long hours of sacrifice; now we know that these are benefits we can access daily nearly without effort. I refer to the fact that our body for the simple fact of walking takes our mind out of the stress state through balancing the activity of the two brain hemispheres automatically. Yes, automatically. This is nearly as saying for free, without need of any pills, therapies or illumination processes.

As Einstein said,

We can’t solve the problems with the same thinking that we’ve created them.”

It is from de stress situation where problems and worries appear generating more stress instead of solutions.

A stressing4 situation drives our organism in a state of “animal” reaction to a danger: to run or to fight.

Cardiac and respiratory frequencies increase and also glucose levels in blood in order to have availability of energy among other effects. In this state, our body, and though our mind, which are not so separated as the wording may show, is not in position to create future options and new possibilities: it is fighting for survival.

The funny fact is that our daily life brings us to this state nearly very often, and from there we request to be more creative, more flexible to our changing environment, to be our best version.

Isn’t it paradox?

We drive our organism into a state where all its resources are ready to fight for survival, and then we ask it to grow, to be creative, to bring out its best resources, to review itself and find new points of view.

Here is where the synergy with Coaching appears since Coaching is a conversation based process that brings out clients resources and allows using it to serve its challenges. It is an action oriented process in which the coach assists the client to achieve its goals in which usually creativity is involved to find new perspectives.

Even a good Coach has many tools to stimulate this process, if we start from a stressed state first a space to stop worrying for survival will have to be created.

To sum up, with Coaching & Walking, we:

  • accompany with the body the process we request to the mind.
  • generate a corporal and mental state from where our internal resources are more available, a state that facilitates and accelerates the reflection and creativity of the client.
  • potentiate a perspective change through an environment change going outdoors.
  • breaking with routine and not having physical limits (walls) potentiates breaking mental limitations.
  • reconnect with our most authentic and inspired self.
  • give space to questions and answers that can’t show up in our daily life.
  • maximize Coaching results.


At the end the body is much wiser than what we have been accepting: ¿Who hasn’t felt the need for fresh air or to stretch the legs when under stress? Well, now we know why.

¡Coaching & Walking is a 2 for 1 where the result is much more than 2!


1 Marquez, S. Beneficios psicológicos de la actividad física. Revista de Psicología General y Aplicada., 1995, 48 (1), 185-206.

2 Dispenza, J. (2014). El placebo eres tú. Barcelona: Urano.

Jorge Dispenza in his book “You are the placebo” illustrates with electroencephalograms the effect of meditation on cerebral waves: the change from beta waves of the awake state to alfa waves of the relaxed state from where we can be aware and create, and even to zeta state for masters in meditation.

3 Hemispherical bilateral stimulation is a psychologic therapy effective for stress treatment known as EDMR. It can be applied through rapid eye movements or bilateral auditory or tactile stimulation. Bilateral tactile stimulation is also known as tapping. Walking is not strictly included in tapping, however it involves the stimulation of both parts of the body with the same principles. There are studies proving its efficacy such as:

Mert, Agali, and Eric Vermetten. “Military motion-based memory desensitization and reprocessing (3MDR): a novel treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder–proof of concept.” Journal of CyberTherapy and Rehabilitation 4.2 (2011): 212+. Academic OneFile. Web. 5 Oct. 2016.




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Marta Grau Rafel, Bachelor in Communitaction Studies and PhD in Film Narrative (Social comunication) is a screenwriter, writer, script editor and analyst. She was also jury for script grants and several national, southamerican and european training initiatives.

She is currently teaching screenwriting at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Universitat Ramon Llull, attends the Master in Personal Development and Leadership (UB) and at the same time writes with Marina Puigvert the book “Consciousness stories; storytelling applied to coaching” and coholds the workshops related.

Don’t miss our next workshop!

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New edition of the workshop “Know your mind, rule your life” in which we will work on coaching and personal development concepts through storytelling.

The workshop is designed and produced by Marta Grau Rafel and Marina Puigvert Colomer.

The starting point is the power of stories to make us emotionally travel through them and also to make us understand reality from new perspectives. We will work with stories created specifically to invite to reflection. The characters, created from the Enneagram, with their stories and conflicts allow to work from the ontological coaching on different distinctions that invite to review our realities through a rational and emotional journey at the same time.


DATE: 4th October 2016

SCHEDULE:  18:00 –  21:00

PLACE: C/Balmes, 177 08006 Barcelona



Limited seats. Registration at


We are looking forward to seeing you!

Tools for you

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This video still captivates me every time I see it, and I can tell you that I have seen several times since I discovered it in 2014! For its content, the ability to make it understandable and entertaining, and mainly for its inspirational power! And you, do you dare to dream?

I have no words to add to the ones they publish themselves:

“Since our childhood we all know how to dream.  Asleep and awake. Thanks to the power of our imagination we believe we are capable of achieving anything we can dream of. However, as we grow older we lose this wonderful ability we’ll later need to be creative, to innovate, to change our lives and to transform our organizations. We invite you to dare to dream again, to challenge your comfort zone, and to enjoy the pleasure of turning your dreams into reality. Do you dare to dream?”