For Companies
  • Executive coaching for managers (tripartite meetings on demand).
  • Executive coaching for middle managers (tripartite meetings on demand).
  • Feedback 360.
  • Trainings in effective communication, storytelling, annual objectives evaluation, feedback, leadership and change management.


Particularly suitable for:

  • Quickly and effectively consolidate new promotions or assignment changes.
  • Internal talent retention.
  • Enhance leadership and team management.
  • Optimize change management and decision-making.

For Individuals
  • Coaching and NLP in private sessions either physically or online.
  • CV Coaching: Curriculum and Job interview preparation in one single session. Learn more
  • Coaching for HSP. Learn more
  • Coaching & Walking: individual Coaching sessions wandering in unique natural environments. Learn more
  • Workshops: Group trainings on Personal development and self-knowledge through Coaching and NLP tools. Next workshop