Natalia Tabella

“Thank you Marina.

You’ve helped me to realize all possibilities available for me. I also felt supported in such an important moment for me.

You’ve helped me in achieving two great goals that mark a before and after in all areas of my life.

Thank you always!”

Sian Bennett

“Working with Marina was a great decision.

For me, it was important to work with a reputable, accredited coach – as not all coaches go through the same training process. I was also specifically looking for a coach with real-world experience in the corporate environment.

Marina will keep you honest and accountable. She challenges you when you need to be challenged, and supports you when you need to be supported. She’s an excellent and highly intuitive coach that has a lot to offer to anyone looking to make a change or professional transition.

100% recommended.”


Ana Ramos

“During your professional career you may feel the urge to step out of your comfort zone and explore other career paths.

You have experience and goals achieved thanks to your skills. But, how do you succeed in showing so in your Résumé and at job interviews?

Marina helps you to organize your ideas, to achieve a deeper knowledge about yourself and above all she makes easy what seems impossible.

Thanks Marina for accompanying me through this stage.”

Marcos Resano

“Within the coaching process with Marina I gained more security in dealing with conflict and in knowing how to face it. I saw that the solution goes through two people, without any other winner than team harmony.
The process also served me to be able to speak, to be able to finish the meetings without bad feelings and to heal some open wounds I was not aware how much they were blocking me. It lead me to exit the loop of rancor and to achieve INNER PEACE.
I take a lot with me. At the beginning I thought it was very difficult to improve the situation, it looked to me as impossible finding a needle in a haystack.
The best of the process: how it makes you feel and the results achieved”.

Cinta V.

“Other therapies are like practising pilates or yoga; a session with Marina is like practising aerobics.„

Sergio Alonso

“All changes were about to happen, but I was not able to achieve them by my own. Thanks to the process with Marina, who understood me perfectly from the very beginning, it has been possible to bring these changes to my daily life.„

Myriam Dufourcq

“Marina was able to give me back the image of my two sides: one inhabited by fears, weaknesses and insecurities, and another one strong, confident of its motivations and goals and aware of its resources and allies. All with great delicacy and proximity. Within the sessions I learnt to overcome my mental blockings and to invest my energy to pursue my dreams. Thank you Marina for accompanying me through this stage of my process of change.„